“Learn to love solitude, to be more alone with yourselves. The tragedy of today’s young people is that they try to unite on the basis of carrying out noisy and aggressive actions so as not to feel lonely, and this is a sad thing. The individual must learn from childhood to be on his own, for this doesn’t mean to be lonely: it means to not get bored with oneself, because a person who finds himself bored when he is alone, it seems to me, is a person in danger.”

— Andrei Tarkovsky

Don’t love someone to save yourself.
Love someone to destroy who you used to be.

Have you ever had a dream that actively altered your waking reality? Where a situation, that was completely fabricated by your subconscious, sticks with you for days and provides an overwhelming feeling -  almost a nostalgia - for something that didn’t actually happen? I find this very eerie, how in the deepest sleep, your body remains motionless, yet your mind is capable of creating such a vivid image that your heart can ache with such intensity, haunting you with the memories of a non-existent reality.

Deep water, a little deeper than you thought, 
Feel it going over the edge and just, 
Go with it.

I know the temptation to straighten the spines of men hunched from years of keeping nickels in their shirt pockets. To lift these wood men from the pines and, in one jerk, snap every bone, disk, and plate in place, like adjusting some rusty segmented piece of an erector set from the 1950’s. But the human spine is an iron rod and, when bent, needs time and heat to make straight, and it’s easier to fill front pockets with nickels than it is to make a cold metal supple.